French immersion programs


New: Atelier du Français is offering French immersion programs in the lovely southern France!
Worried that you don’t have enough time to learn French while in Paris? We are now offering personalized French language
and cultural immersion programs in Arles, in Provence.
We are also offering similar programs in Paris all year.
This new program offers:
• A state of total immersion, providing as many opportunities as possible to truly practice speaking French in a real-life setting.
• Location : Arles – a small, historically and culturally rich town located in the south of France, in Provence.
• Our Team : We are dedicated to each student’s language progression, cultural enrichment and general well-being during their time in Arles.
Whether you would prefer to stay with an Arlesian host family to be fully immersed in the language or in a charming and centrally located hotel or bed and breakfast, we will help you with all of your accommodation needs.
This program runs all year round, so feel free to contact us directly at for more information.