Our teacher’s team !


Our team:

We are a team of French tutors/teachers offering french lessons in Paris.
We are specialized for each levels, from very beginner to university students (help writing papers in French, job applications, etc..).
All our teachers/tutors are trained native French speakers.

We work with each student to develop a learning plan that will work best for him or her, and we can adapt any lesson or material to the particular student’s needs.
At the first lesson, we will evaluate your level and needs — grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc — and then work together to devise a learning plan.

We are offering private French tutoring in Paris with the teachers from our team. We work with a group of private French teachers and we can arrange efficient one-to-one French tutoring in Paris for you. We are specialized in all levels, from total beginners to advanced paper writing and high level proof reading 🙂
We will be happy to create a personalized program to bring you to functionality or fluency in the shortest time possible.
We can help to improve your accent through targeted activities, and bring the perspective of a native speaker to each lesson.

We are working as a team of more than thirty teachers all located in Paris, so there’s always one available depending on your location, level, time and schedule.

Feel free to contact us anytime in order to chose the best teacher for you !