French acting studio

L’Atelier libre du français

French acting studio:  Learn French and gain confidence (through theater)!

Join us for this innovative workshop through an exciting teaching approach! 
L’atelier du français is now offering a special French teaching workshop:
« L’atelier libre du français »
or how to learn French thanks to techniques derived from theater.
We designed a targeted program to help you reach fluency and ease in the shortest time possible!

Led by an experienced French actress, (featured in several internationally acclaimed films), our French acting workshop aims at improving your French by a blend of theatrical exercises and language acquisition techniques, focusing on breathing exercises, vocal techniques, playfulness with texts…

To help you build your confidence while speaking a foreign language, work on your accent and intonation, overcome your shyness, and play with your improvisation skills, thus being able to deal with every situation in everyday conversations in French.
This approach is both fun and efficient and serves to make you feel more independent and comfortable in your use of the language. The workshop will be 2 to 3 hours long is open to all levels.

No previous acting experience necessary. Just keep in mind your participation is fully important!

A more advanced class will be offered for those who seek to explore further the world of French theater, acting and filmmaking.

Join our workshops for a first trial, it’s both efficient and fun, and a good complement to your traditional sit-down classes!


About the teacher: Alice 

Alice’s Imdb:

Our teacher, Alice Houri, is a professional French actress, with a long experience as an actress in the French film industry. Alice also works as a casting director and a scenarist.
She combines a language learning approach with the artistic approach center to her work. You will also be able to get a first-hand experience with a professional from the industry of French cinema.

Workshops will be held in small groups, so you can work on your skills, and express your creativity.
Alice is also a certified French teacher, and she has been leading French workshops for many years. She combines drama and language acquisition techniques in a remarkable way. 


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Artistically yours,

The team at l’Atelier du français